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Do I need a logbook to scrap my car?

Yes. It’s important you have this. It will be used to show us that the vehicle really belongs to you. If this document is not in your position you can always contact DVLA for a replacement.

I have lost the keys and I want to scrap my car is it a problem?

As long as your scrap-book is in your possession this is not a problem. All you have to do is give us the go ahead and our experts will do the rest.

How will the DVLA know I have scrapped my car?

You can leave that to us. We will complete and submit your scrapbook to DVLA after filling the relevant sections of the V5 registration document. Once your vehicle has been properly disposed, DVLA will send you a destruction notice within 4-6 weeks

My car does not start or move and I want to scrap it, is this a problem?

We assure you that this is not a problem because we have handled a lot worse. In some cases it will only take a longer time but we will surely get the job done.

Can I claim back my unused car tax?

Yes. All you need to do is visit the DVLA website, access and download the V14 document.

What do I need to do before and after collection of my scrap car?

First of all, all personal contents should be cleared from the vehicle. This also includes tax discs that you might wish to claim back. All we need is for you to make sure the car is accessible

Do you collect scrap cars on weekends?

Yes. We know that you might be working during the week. We also do evening pickups during the week as well.

What areas of the West Midlands do you cover?

Our services span the whole of Midlands. This includes scrap car removal and vehicle recovery. Our major concentration is on Birmingham and its surrounding areas.

Why should I choose Top Auto Recovery?

Top Auto Recovery has an experience of +10 years and counting. Our In-house experts are very friendly people that make sure you don’t have to worry about anything else. All our services are free and we can guaranty you that your vehicle will be collected at the time the vehicle is booked. We receive hundreds of calls every day from bitter customers that have been disappointed by other companies.

What should I expect when I call or email?

First of all, we’ll register your booking into our system followed by your data being sent to our expert driver who will in turn place a call to you and arrange a convenient time for the pickup.

When are your phone lines open?

Top Auto Recovery’s Phone lines are open 7 days a week from 6am till Midnight

Do I have to be present on collection?

No. We can make arrangement for your keys and documents to be collected in an agreed upon location.

What Identification do i need to store a vehicle with Top Auto Recovery?

All we need is proof that you own the car (V5C Logbook) or if you have the proper permission from the owner to act on their behalf.

Are you licensed?

Yes. We are legally licensed by the environmental agency as a verified vehicle waste carrier.

Will you buy my scrap car?

Cash is paid for some vehicles.

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