Accident Recovery

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We know that anything can happen when you least expect it to. Cars are no different. You can get pinned down by the road side on a busy day due to mechanical fault from your vehicle. Our team at Auto Recovery is full trained to handle situations like this when they arise.

With our industry standard response time, Top Auto will be at the scene within 60 minutes. Our experts will be on site to remove your vehicle safely and in a secure way. They will also assist you on the next step to take.

Once we are at the scene we can offer the following services;

  • We can help you store your car while you think of the next step to take
  • We can provide a replacement car for you
  • We can help you with accident recovery
  • Our experts will put you through our legal panel in case you have sustained injuries

Do not allow yourself get caught up unexpectedly on a lonely road. Start today by saving our number on your phone 0121 328 9988 to connect with us anytime the need arises. We sincerely hope that you do not have to use it

Top auto recover…..Giving you a helping hand when you really need one.

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